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Riley Testut, Developer of GBA4iOS:

As the developer, I couldn’t wait to read whatever Dario had to say about the latest GBA4iOS 2.0 beta on his Beta Blog. I loved developing the app, but even more fun than developing is seeing how others use and enjoy it. Dario always had great, well-written opinions on whatever new feature I had just added, which further fueled my joy for creating GBA4iOS. However, he wasn’t afraid to be critical of certain decisions, and this helped Paul and I decide moving forward what we would keep, and what we would change for the final release. Obviously, the point of the beta testing process is to polish the app for release, but the Beta Blog gave us much more insight into how people were using the app, which was invaluable. Because of this, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say GBA4iOS turned out as well as it did thanks in large part to Dario and the Beta Blog! 

Exactly 365 days ago there was no GBA4iOS 2.0 available yet, the Start3rs hadn’t met; GBA4iOSkins and iEmulators weren’t even thoughts, and the Beta Blog was still just a potential idea I believed I might grow tired of in a few days.

Today, if it wasn’t for that idea - this blog - I dare to honestly say that things might have been completely different for me. By having met Riley Testut, becoming a part of his beta and sticking with my guts to keep this place updated, I can unashamedly say it has changed my life.

On this day, I have a need to celebrate the anniversary of the site once known as the Beta Blog that ran from September 10, 2013 to February 19, 2014 when GBA4iOS 2.0 was finally released, and now is simply known as the GBA4iOS Blog

It was thanks to this blog that I met some of my best friends today, how I got more involved on Twitter, got so many followers I probably don’t deserve and heck, even made a few bucks from writing it, but the best part of all was that I enjoyed every part of the journey, and I’m thankful I became part of something I’m passionate about.

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